Some Best Famous Quotes About Mothers

Stunning Quotes in Honour of Mothers

Meet some stunning Famous Quotes About Mothers. Be it a Mothers Day or any regular day, our collection of some most famous quotes about mothers will let you express your feelings for your Mom. Since Mothers Day is just round the corner, we thought it to be the best time of the year to publish this article. If you are also interested to know a brief history of Mothers Day, check our post on When is Mothers Day 2016. We all are in awe of our Mothers love. The way she has cared for us for such long years bring tears to our eyes. Since ages, Mother’s love and commitment to her children has inspired many poets and writers. We too are inspired at this blog, to compile some stunning famous quotes about mothers. Our site is dedicated to make all your special days extra special!

Before Mothers Day arrive, we take this opportunity to share amazing quotes for mothers. Famous authors and poets have written lines in honour of mothers. These famous quotes about mothers will come handy to your whenever you feel like writing something very special to your Mom. Be it a Mothers Day or your Mother’s Birthday; this collection will help you honour her through perfect wording. Our site has also posted some amazing mothers day images.


Mothers Day Pictures

Mothers Day Cards


Latest Famous Quotes About Mothers Day 2016

Check out the famous quotes about mothers day, penned by some very famous authors. You can use these lines to write your birthday cards to your Mom. These lines are also the best messages to write in your mothers day cards.


Mothers love knows no boundaries. It flows crossing all the edges!


printable mothers day cards


Mom is the word that gives the biggest strength to all children!


Mothers’s love is wonderful! It is gentle, yet strong. It is soothing, yet stands like a rock against all odds!



mothers day wishes



No one can do what a woman can for her children!


A mother is born before a child is born!


How blessed is she who holds and hugs a piece of her own heart!


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Mothers Day Images And Quotes

Blessed is the woman who smiles through happiness of others!


A Mother turn into a ferocious wolf when she feels her child is in danger.


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Love is a beautiful river which originates from a Mother’s heart and never dries up!


Thank you Mom for teaching you whatever is best in life! Thanks for each and every, small and big gesture that has made my life heaven. Happy Mothers Day Wishes!


God created Mothers, because he can not remain present in front of our eyes!


Mothers are God’s blessed angels on the earth!


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Mothers hearts are made of pure gold. Always rich and bright with never ending love!

You are just wonderful! Gentle and caring. Strong and protective. Your love will inspire my life for always!


We are sure you liked our collection of famous quotes about mothers. Celebrate the day and dedicate it to the woman who is behind success and happiness of your family. To make your mothers day cards beautiful, we have shared many other posts on this day. Do not forget to check funny mothers day cards, funny mothers day quotes and wishes. Our assemblage of famous quotes about mothers is penned to express your love for her. The world will wish Happy Mothers Day 2016 to all women.

The day will be very special for Moms and all her children. She will be appreciated for her contributions and sacrifices for her family. Raising up a family is a tough task. But Mothers do it with all smiles on her face and looks after her children and family with great dedication. Finally the day will be soon here to appreciate her love and care. Our site will be offering huge collection of Mothers Day Poems, Mothers Day Wishes and Messages to wish her. Do visit our site for other special wording to express sentiments like Thank You, Sorry and Get Well Soon. Till then, do let us know how you liked our collection of Famous Quotes About Mothers!

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