Adorable Happy Anniversary Poems for Wife and Husband

Best Happy Anniversary Poems 2016

Find some fabulous Happy Anniversary Poems you can send to your partner on your Marriage Anniversary day. The poems we have shared here are fresh and unique. You can send these Wedding Anniversary poems with your husband or wife. Our collection covers short poems to wish Happy Anniversary in a special manner. The anniversary is a very special day in your life and needs to be wished differently. If this special day of yours is nearing, just pick the Happy Anniversary Poems you like and send it to your dearest wife or husband. Our site also covers Get well soon messages, Thank you quotes, and wishes and messages for Mothers Day. We are sure you would love to use these happy anniversary poems on your anniversary day.

A wedding anniversary is an annual celebration of a Wedding day. It celebrates the most significant day of your life. Couples normally love to celebrate it in different ways. Some love  to celebrate it personally in a quiet candlelight dinner set up. Some couples prefer to celebrate it in a presence of family members and friends. Sometimes a great bash is arranged for special days like 1st Wedding Anniversary or 50th Wedding Anniversary day. If you want to express your love in the most romantic way, just have a glance at the below quoted happy anniversary poems.

Anniversary Messages for Husband

Romantic Happy Anniversary Songs

Wedding Anniversary Verses

Our wedding anniversary day brings

sweetest memories of my life

when you stepped into my life and

sent away all my sorrows and loneliness!

Since then my life is a heaven full of

your undying love and care!



happy anniversary poems and verses



Wedding you was the best decision of my life

it was the luckiest day when I took you as my wife!

May this love of ours may grow with each passing year

and your hand be always in my hand!

Wishing Marriage Anniversary Wishes to you

with hundreds of kisses and thousands of hugs!


happy anniversary wishes


Wishing my Dearest wife on our loveliest day

when sweetest memories of life brighten up once again

May this day rekindles the flame of our love for ever in our life!

Do doubt any thing but not my love ever

bcoz I love you more than any my self!

Loads of love on this day!


Thank you quotes


happy anniversary poems and wishes


I fall in love with you every year this day

the day brings most amazing memories of life

and I love to cherish them most,

You are my life and love and I can never

imagine a life without you!


You entered my life like a garden full of roses,

you brought happiness and made all my days beautiful

your every fresh sweet love and care for me

fills my days with joy and smiles!

Each and every day I want to spend more and

more time with my beautiful wife

such is the adorable love of yours!


happy anniversary poems


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Fabulous Wedding Anniversary Verses

What can be more romantic than wishing your spouse with lovely poems on your marriage anniversary day? Romantic lines will make your day memorable. Hence we have shared some more happy anniversary Poems here.

You brought all beauty, fragrance,

freshness and joy in my life!

Thank you so much my dear wife

for making my life the most enjoyable!

Wish you a very Happy Wedding Anniversary!


happy anniversary wishes


Each and every prayer of mine

thank God for bringing you in my life

for choosing you as my wife!

Your love is so pure, caring and


precious than all treasures

and adorable than all riches!


Days, Months and Years have passed

since we met for the first time

My love for you is still fresh like fragrant rose

it keeps on blooming every day

spreading sweetness and happiness in our lives!

Such is the magic of your lovely presence in my life!

Send anniversary greetings for friends

Best are the wishes for our Anniversary to you,

best is your love in my life and you

No other thing is valuable as your love

you are a precious jewel and treasure of my heart

I adore you since I held your hand in mine

I Love You every moment for tons of time!

Here ends our collection of the happy anniversary poems. Special is the occasion of your Marriage Anniversary and wishes need to be special for that. Let us help you wish your partner a loving Wedding anniversary in a different way. Adorn your Wedding Anniversary cards and greetings with these lovely Happy Anniversary Poems. Check our site for copious Marriage Anniversary Quotes, Funny Wedding Anniversary wishes, Wedding wishes and Congratulation messages. Also, check Get Well Soon Messages and Thank you quotes. Stay with us for wishes and greetings of many special days like Mothers Day, Wedding Day Wishes and Friendship Day. Sure you liked our collection of Happy Anniversary Poems.

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