How To Say I Love You In Different Languages

I Love You in Different Languages

Valentine Day is just round the corner. Hence we find this time the best one to bring this post on I Love You in Different Languages. Feelings and emotions are expressed in tons of ways. We have shared here ways of expressing these beautiful words in different dialects of world and India. Expressing one’s emotions is not an easy thing for everyone. Our site provides beautiful messages and lines to display your innermost feelings. Before the time to rekindle flame of love in your relations approach, we are providing numerous ways of expressing it. Woe your beloved by saying these three magical words in her own native language.

Valentine day is celebrated as a day of love worldwide. Youngsters and couples wish each other happy Valentines day and exchange gifts. SMS and cards are given with personal messages that just show how you care for someone’s happiness. If you are thinking of expressing your soft feelings for someone, express it differently. That is how this listings of saying I Love you in different languages will help you.


how to say i love you in different languages

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Expressions of I Love You in World Languages

Pen down these expressions in your Valentine card or Anniversary card and make them unique. We have listed below how to say I love you in different languages of world.

LanguageExpression of I Love You
ArabicAna Behibak (To A Male)
BurmeseChit Pa De
ArabicAna Behibek (To A Female)
BulgarianObicham Te
CatalanT’estim Molt (I Love You A Lot)
BolivianQuechua Qanta Munani
ChineseWo Ai Ni
CambodianBon Sro Lanh Oon
CroatianLjubim Te
CorsicanTi Tengu Caru (To Male)
CebuanoGihigugma Ko Ikaw.
CzechMiluji Te
CorsicanTi Tengu Cara (To Female)
EcuadorQuechua Canda Munani
FarsiTora Dust Midaram
Farsi (Persian)Doostat Daram
DanishJeg Elsker Dig
DutchIk Hou Van Jou
FrenchJe T’aime
EsperantoMi Amas Vin
EstonianMina Armastan Sind
GreekS’ Agapo
HebrewAni Ohevet Otcha (to Male)
FilipinoMahal Kita
HebrewAni Ohev Otach (to Female)
FinnishMina” Rakastan Sinua
GermanIch Liebe Dich
IcelandicEg Elska Thig
JapaneseKimi O Ai Shiteru
KoreanTangsinul Sarang Ha Yo
KoreanTangsinul Sarang Ha Yo
IrishTaim I’ Ngra Leat
LatvianEss Milu Tevi
Portuguese (Brazilian)Eu Te Amo
LatinTe Amo
IndonesianSaja Kasih Saudari
Malay/Indonesiansaya cinta kamu
ItalianTi Amo (Relationship/Lover/Spouse)
SerbianLubim Te
MacedonianSakam Te!
LithuanianTave Myliu (Ta-Ve Mee-Lyu)
PersianTora Dost Daram
PolishKocham Cie
RussianYa Vas Liubliu
NorwegianJeg Elsker Deg (Yai Elske Dai)
RomanianTe iubesc
SpanishTe Quiero
Sri LankanMama Oyata Arderyi
Swiss-GermanCh’ha Di Ga”Rn
SinhaleseMama Oyata Adarei
SlovakLubim Ta
ThaiCh’an Rak Khun
UkrainianJa Tebe Kokhaju (true love)
SwahiliNaku Penda (person’s name)
SwedishJag A’Lskar Dig
WelshRwy’n Dy Garu Di
Syrian/LebaneseBhebbek (to Female)
Syrian/LebaneseBhebbak (to Male)
TunisianHa Eh Bak
TurkishSeni Seviyo*Rum (* means O)
VietnameseEm Ye’U Anh (to Man)
VietnameseAnh Ye’U Em (to Woman)
YugoslavianYa Te Volim

If we have missed on your language, do share through the comment box and say how your language express it.


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I Love You In Different Indian Languages

Be it Valentine day or no; love is in the air. India is the most diverse culture with numerous dialects and state languages spoken in different parts of country. See how you can express your love in various Indian languages.

BengaliAmi Tomay Bhalo bashi
GujaratiHoon Tane Pyar Karoo chhoon
HindiMai tumse Pyar karta hoon (to girl)
HindiMai tumse Pyar karti hoon (to boy)
KannadaNaanu Ninnanu Preethisuthene
MalayalamNjyaan Ninne’ Preetikyunnu
MarathiMe Tujhashi Prem Karto (to girl)
MarathiMe Tujhashi Prem Karte (to boy)
PunjabiMai Taunu Pyar Karda
TamilNan Unnai Kaathalikkiren
TeluguNeenu Ninnu Pra’mistu’nnanu
UrduMujhe Tumse Mohabbat Hai
AssameseMoi Tomak Bhal Pau
SanskritTyahi snihyaami
KashmiriMye Chha Chain Maai
KonkaniTu magel moga cho
SindhiMaa tokhe pyar kendo ayan
RajasthaniMain Tanne Pyaar Karoon
ManipuriEina nangbu nungsi
OriyaMoon Tumakoo Bhala Paye
GarwhaliMe te se prem kardu chhau


We will be soon bringing more expressions to say I Love You in form of Valentine day wishes, Valentine pictures and SMS. I love you in different languages of world and India will help you write your valentine cards in a novel way. Share the expression of these words in your own dialect if it is not given in this list. Do wait for more interesting posts on Valentine day and Valentine week. Our site also covers other messages for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Friendship day. Keep visiting to express your feelings in beautiful words and images.

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