50 Happy Mothers Day Poems Just for Your Mother | Short Mothers Day Poems

50 Most Inspirational Happy Mothers Day Poems from Kids to Moms


Are you searching for some poetic words and Short Mothers Day Poems to pair with instagram or facebook picture of yours with your Mom? We are going to be your best stop where we have shared prolific quotes, wishes, poems and sayings in honor of Mothers.  This post has the best inspiration Happy Mothers Day Poems you can use to wish your Mom. The International Mothers Day is a national holiday in United States since then President Wilson Woodrow made in official holiday in 1914. Following this, the second Sunday of May month soon became a popular day of Mothers in many parts of the world. Though it is not an official holiday in other countries except US, greetings, wishes and messages are sent to Mothers with great enthusiasm. Children wish their mothers with gifts, SMS or cards.

Since, internet is the most popular tool for searching any required information, cards and messages, we have shared here this collection. Happy Mothers Day Poems is a collection of latest short poems written by our authors in honour of mothers. The very special relation of mother and child is celebrated here in touching and most inspiring words. These messages will be inspiring the world to value the contributions of a woman for her children and family. The collection also contains cheerful Mothers Day Pics and Images you can use to send your mother as a greeting card for this day. Hope you will enjoy our compilation of Short Mothers Day Poems.


happy mothers day 2016


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Happy Mothers Day Sayings


Lets make your Mothers day cards different by adding these most touching Mothers Day Sayings.  Short and sweet Happy Mothers Day poems are just here to make your Mom feel special.


My Mother, my dearest friend

You are truly so dear

All my life to my heart very near

Your gentle smile inspires me

You are my sunshine and you are my day!

Happy Mothers Day Wishes!


short mothers day poems



Mother you are my paradise

You made me a human so wise

All my love is for you

Though I never showed it to you!

Your timeless love is the most

treasured gift of my life!

you are a wonderful Mom indeed

Wishing you a very Happy Mothers Day!


mothers day quotes



Dear Mom you are the best friend of mine

all my secrets I share with you

all my struggles are inspired by you

you made my life a worth living

with your infinite care and giving!

Wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day 2016!



Mom your love is the sweetest

and most delicate of all.

You are an angel of God

just to watch me and keep me safe

you are so lovely and vibrant

your bubbly and shining face

inspires me all the time

to be happy and to keep

the world happy!

But today my day is just for you

All my wishes, love and prayers

comes just to you!

Mothers Day Greetings!


Mothers Day Images



happy mothers day 2016



She is the one who has

warm heart and caring hands

her passion to keep the home happy

surpasses all aspirations of the world!

you are not a simple person

but compassion, pure love and blessing

walking in form of a person!



Happy Mothers Day 2016 Poems | Quotes and Messages




Some feelings are not spoken


though every small gesture

signifies it, it is rarely spoken

Mom my love is one such

but not today!

I Love you and wish you

a beautiful Mothers Day!



Though I never display

you are always in my mind

your love and your hard work

amazes me all the time

All my dreams and all

desires of my heart

you knew it by heart!

Let me at least tell you

that you are just an awesome Mom!



Of all the blessings that life has to offer

Mother is the biggest one,

of all the love that dwells in our heart

love for mother is the purest of all.

Wishing you with a very Happy Mothers Day!


Mothers are miracles in this world. Their dedication and hard efforts they put for their family have inspired millions of poets. Their place is very special in every child’s heart. No matter you are a dependent kid or an independent adult, your mother shares a significant place in your life. Reward her by wishing her in a special way on this day. Our Happy Mothers Day Poems are penned to honor all mothers for their infinite contributions to their children’s lives, family and society. The world is grateful to all Mothers and acknowledges it on International Mothers Day. Join the celebration and make it special by using our various posts including Mothers Day Images. Happy Mothers Day Messages and Quotes.

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