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Best Ways to Celebrate 1st Wedding Anniversary: First Anniversary Quotes, Wishes and Messages

First Marriage Anniversary

If your marriage is not yet a year older, this is the perfect post for you guys. Celebrating the 1st wedding anniversary will be a memorable moment for the lifetime. Your very first marriage anniversary day deserves a special celebration as it will give you sweetest moments to cherish. You will be reviving these unforgettable memories every year with your beloved partner. Though there are hundreds of ways to celebrate your 1st marriage anniversary, it largely depends on the personal choice of the couples. They may want to celebrate the moments alone or with friends and relatives. We have shared here some best ideas for celebrating your first marriage anniversary. Specialdaygreetingswishes.net also carries a collection of 1st wedding anniversary quotes, wishes, greetings and messages.

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First Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

We are sure you would love to read these ideas that will help you to make your celebrations special. Our tips and suggestions are based on our personal views. You can pick up the most suitable way to make your marriage anniversary very special.

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1. Exchange Gifts – Gifting is an age-old tradition still going strong. It is the best way to make your very first reminder of your wedding day extremely memorable. Especially for husbands, it is a great chance to please your wife and give a boost to romance in your life. Gifts necessarily do not need to be expensive gift sets or jewelry. If you have a passion for writing poems, write one for your partner and gift it. You can also craft out a cute hand-made gift with your own hands. Gifting is the best way for celebrating 1st wedding anniversary.

2. Enjoy the Memories of your Wedding Day – A large number of couples celebrate their very first wedding anniversary by watching the photos albums and video shooting of their wedding day. The beautiful memories of your wedding day can be watched by you alone or with your family and friends. Arrange refreshment of a small gathering along with your family members or friends.

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3. Visiting your Wedding Day Venue – If you had your wedding reception any hotel or public venue, you can arrange a visit to the same hotel with your spouse. Have dinner at the venue and revive sweet memories of your marriage day.
Any place and a thing that is associated with your wedding day are always very dear to couples. I still remember how I and my husband cherish our big day every time we pass by the marriage hall where our reception was held.

4. Enjoy the second Honeymoon – Arrange for a surprise second honeymoon for your beloved wife. Before your life gets too hectic to steal some romantic moments, visit some beautiful place and relive the sweetest moments of your life.

5. Throw a 1st Wedding Anniversary Party – Arrange for a party and invite your close relatives and friends to make the day special. A beautiful dance and dinner party will surely make your anniversary day memorable.

6. Renew the Promises and Vows – Regardless of culture and religion, a wedding day involves vows and promises given to your spouse for the lifetime. Invite your religious leader and renew your vows in front of your family members and relatives. The ceremonial event will serve as a small gathering on your wedding anniversary day. Indeed a wonderful way to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary day!

7. Do What you Love – Do what you like and love on 1st wedding anniversary day.  If you have restrained from having your favorite fun time due to your hectic schedule, do it now. Get relaxed and do something non-routine to feel excited on your marriage anniversary day. Go out for a romantic candle light dinner! Watch a late night movie! Or enjoy a great night out to a disc or club! The unusual moments of love will make your day very special.

Though we have suggested above ideas especially for celebrating the first wedding anniversary, you can use it for any anniversary of yours. You can also send lovely words and happy anniversary poems to wish your partner. Especially, when you are away from partner, sending gifts, cards, and messages are the best way to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary.

There can be other sweet ways of celebrating the 1st anniversary. However, whenever you plan out a celebration of your very first marriage anniversary, ensure that both of you are agreed on it. A personal choice matters the most while making your day special. We wish all couples whose marriage is soon turning a year old, a very happy first wedding anniversary day! Share your own unique ideas for celebrating 1st wedding anniversary.