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Chinese New Year Animals 2019: Chinese Zodiac Signs

Year of The Earth Pig: 2019 Chinese New Year of Pig

Here is a complete information on Chinese new year animals. The Chinese animal is the Chinese zodiac. Each of the zodiac sign signifying different animals is repeated every 12 years. Each year in China calendar is symbolized by an animal. Each of the zodiac animal carries different attributes. This post contains information on the Chinese animal of the year 2019 and also all the animals of the Chinese zodiac signs.

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The Chinese new year animals refer to the animal of the year. Beginning from 5th of February 2019 and ending on 19th February 2019, the year is the year of the pig. The Pig is the 12th in the sequence of the Chinese zodiac signs. Before 2019, the year of the pig was celebrated in 1959, 1971, 1995, 1983, and 2007.


The 12 different animals are:

  • Ox
  • Rat
  • Rabbit
  • Tiger
  • Dragon
  • Horse
  • Snake
  • Goat
  • Rooster
  • Monkey
  • Pig
  • Dog

The year 2019 belongs to the pig.


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Chinese Zodiac Signs: Year of the Pig

As per the Chinese astrological theories, each year is associated with any of the five elements of the world. 2017 was a fire rooster year. But 2019 is the year of Pig. The five elements are Gold or Metal, Fire, Earth, Water, and Wood. It is a general tradition all over the world that a person’s characteristics are determined by the date, time, and year in which he is born.

As per chinese zodiac, pig is a lucky and mild animal. The person born in year of pig is mostly a carefree person. He or she will have good fun and wealth in life. These people are honest, brave, and sincere. But their weaknesses are their anger, stubbornness, and materialistic. They are also lazy sometimes.


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Why Chinese Zodiac Animals

People born in a year of a certain animal are considered having personal traits of that animal or that zodiac sign. Normally the zodiac signs are used to carry out the relationship compatibility tests. The Chinese zodiac signs are used to determine if the relation of the two people will be successful or no. How compatible they will be as per their Chinese zodiac signs. In earlier days, people used to take help of the astrologers. But nowadays, there are also online test methods available to carry out the compatibility tests.

You can just enter your birth date, year and/or time and also the details of the person with whom you want to know your relationship compatibility.

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Chinese Zodiac Years & Chinese New Year Animals

The tradition in China is to follow two calendars. That is the solar calendar and the lunar. The lunar calendar has 13 or 12 months. It starts on the date of the Chinese new year. It generally falls from 21st January to 20th February. Each year belongs to a certain Chinese new year animals.

The traditional solar calendar has solar terms of 15 days. It is also associated with the start of the spring. The Chinese new year animals are linked with the Chinese zodiac signs. As the signs are represented by different animals. These 12 Chinese new year animals are related to the daily life of ancient Chinese people. They also hold specific lucky meanings. We are sure you liked our post on chinese new year animals.

Each of the Chinese new year animals sign carries its unique traits. The love and relation compatibility tests consider the traits of each of the Chinese zodiac signs. Those with matching characteristics hold potentialities of having good relations. The compatibility of the pig matches highly with the people having zodiac sign as sheep, rabbit, and tiger. Our blog also carries an awesome collection of wedding anniversary wishes and get well soon messages. Do spare sometimes having a glance at them. You would love to woo your partner with loving marriage anniversary wishes. May this year be a very fruitful and prosperous for you. Wish you all a very happy chinese new year 2019.